Welcome to Puffins Class, a home away from home, where we strive to help every child to feel secure and cared for in their first years of school. We prioritise the prime areas of the early years and key stage 1 curriculums and believe that future academic success is built on a strong foundation of emotional, social, physical and communication skills. We focus on nurturing relationships, which give our Puffins the self-belief to seek out and exceed in personal challenges. 

Each child’s individual interests and needs are carefully supported and extended through high-quality interactions with experienced teachers. Each child is unique and so is their learning journey. We take advantage of teachable moments and facilitate next steps through meaningful, playful experiences based on a carefully structured progression of skills. 

Our school day is punctuated with whole-class focused teaching. These short sessions are phonics, maths or language based. We often use these special times to prompt exciting and engaging learning. We take these opportunities to widen the children's experience of the wonderful and diverse world around them. 

Our aim is to nurture a life-long love of learning, where our children look back on and forward to school days full of fun and excitement. 

You can see the work we do here:

Autumn Cycle B: Into the Woods 

Autumn 1: You and Me

Autumn 2: Birds, Bees, Eggs, Seeds 

Spring 2024 Puffins Going Wild Topic Web Spring

Spring 1: On a Cold and Frosty Morning

Summer 1: Once upon a palace

Summer 2: Oh I do like to be beside the seaside