Red Kites is the class for our Year 4, 5 and 6, children. We aim to further develop their maturity and independence, in preparation for the transition to secondary school. The children act as 'buddies' for the Reception children and take on roles such as library monitors and play leaders. In their learning, they have the opportunities to debate and discuss, developing their thinking faculties and the ability to express their thoughts and opinions in a more structured way. Whilst we ensure that we prepare our children for national tests such as SATs, this is not done at the expense of a rich, creative curriculum. We firmly believe that effective learning is linked to fun and engagement, and our small class sizes ensure that everyone is given an opportunity to find and develop their strengths.

You can see some of the work we do here:

Autumn A: Through the Wardrobe

Spring A: Extreme Earth

Summer A: Epic Egyptians

Autumn B: Rampaging Romans

Spring term Keen to be Green topic overview 24

Summer C: Travel Agents

You can see some of our class photos here: